We are Saskatchewan's finest Badminton & Tennis Club, situated on the South Saskatchewan river valley in Victoria Park.

Our recently renovated premises included a bar and lounge to relax in after games, beautiful locker rooms with showers, excellent parking, safe premium condition courts with night lighting, and qualified staff to assist you. Whether you come to socialize, play for fun, or compete, Riverside is where you want to be!

Who Plays and Who's Welcome?

All potential new members get one free night of play as an introduction to our club.  Memberships are available for either Badminton, Tennis or Both.  Please see our Rates page for more information.

What Equipment do I Need?

For access to the badminton courts you must bring an indoor use pair of shoes.  We have racquets and glasses you can borrow and there are baskets of both feather and plastic birdies for use by all.

You can purchase racquets, birds, bags etc from our ProShop