Summer Badminton League 2018

Doubles | Ladder Format

Riverside Badminton League

Badminton leagues at Riverside for the summer are offered once a week: Tuesday Doubles starting at 7:45pm. The league is run using a ladder system where players move up or down based on how many points they have accumulated during the night.

Players are expected to register weekly, preferably the day of the league, in order to participate. Cut off is at 7:45pm the night of the league. The summer season runs from the beginning of May until the end of September.

Players are also expected to share shuttlecocks for league nights. Feather shuttles are used for league night and can be purchased individually or by the tube. If it is your first time attending the league, don't worry about purchasing any shuttlecocks. Just come out and have fun!

League fees are included in all full badminton memberships. Non-members pay $15 per league night.


Leagues are similar to a badminton tournament where players keep track of their scores and at the end of the night scores are calculated. Players are given points based on how well they did that night. New players are always welcome!

Riverside badminton tournament