Team Building

Full Kitchen | Racquet Rentals | Lots of Courts

Team building is something that we value at Riverside as it helps make our club a more vibrant community. Some ways that we encourage team building is through bbqs, league and mixer participation, and local club tournaments. All these activities give the membership an opportunity to interact and socialize with each other.

We have several events planned for the summer of 2018. Follow us on Facebook or check the Announcements page on our website for more recent updates.



  • Full Kitchen service
  • Licensed Lounge
  • Deck seating with Lounge Service
  • Seating for 150 people
  • Men’s and Women’s locker rooms with showers
  • Towel Service
  • Six indoor badminton courts
  • Nine outdoor tennis courts
  • Eight outdoor pickleball courts (two of the tennis courts can be converted into pickleball courts)
  • Racquet and pickleball paddle rentals
  • Big screen TV
  • Free WiFi
Badminton & Tennis team events